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Motion Sensor - Product:
The embedded Solution experts
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ICD3 for production Programming - Service:
Custom Applications: Prototactic Electronics will design Friendly Graphical User Interface that allows easy programming of the Microchip microcontrollers via the ICD3 programmer tool. You will have your application ready in very short period. We will provide you with all the details and information to have your production line up and running at a highly competitive cost. Request you free sample today.
Motion Sensor: Prototactic Electronics has designed an effective and highly sensitive PTE103N motion sensor to safeguard your property, assets, and family. With the press of a button you can change mode of operation, and select the feature you wish to use. Select one of the many features embedded in the box and reward yourself with the peace of mind you deserve. It also can be used for other purposes such as automation assistant, production guide, and vibration detector. With your imagination you can find hundreds of uses for this little device. It uses 2 x AAA batteries and last for long years with moderate use. Available in different colors. Coming soon.
PTE103N Motion Sensor
ICD3 Programmer for production
More products and Services comming soon - We design hardware and software for Identification, security, and surveillance products. We install security products and CCTV cameras, perform testing, troubleshooting, validation and debugging. We also design websites and web pages. Click here to contact us for information on how we can serve you with ZERO overhead and highly competitve cost. We have top American experience in the heartland of Canada.
Motion Sensor PTE103N
Program PIC chip with a click of a button via ICD3.
Project Management: Prototactic Electronics will manage, or help manage, your projects from start to finish. We have successfully handled various projects, helped assigned team members, organized meetings and presentations, handled project life cycles, cooperated with teams nationally and internationally, supervised engineering and project related activities, created and maintained engineering documentation, negotiated deals, collaborated with regulatory organizations and third parties, dealt with and end-of-life items, designed and prototyped engineering samples, eliminated unnecessary waste of time and expenses and proceedures, cooperated with customers and vendors for optimal results, helped marketing make vital decisions, reduced time to market without scarifying quality and performance, and insured that customer is getting the best value from investment. We take business serious, treat teams with courtesy and passion, and enjoy doing what we do. Please contact us regarding your special engineering needs and we will be happy to assist you.
Project Management
Project Management
Project Management & Project Support - Service:
Product Design - New Product & Efficiency & Sustaining - Service:
Product Design: Prototactic Electronics experts have over 15 years of experience in Product Design and Development. We have been for long designing around digital & analog electronics, power supplies, automation and control, communications, electromechanical interface, transient protection and statics, Display Electronics, Wireless, RF and RFID, Infra Red IR, security devices, medical interface, sporting, auto industry, Input and Output devices, and much more. We have designed around embedded electronics, Printed PCB boards, handled approvals and safety, and packaging. We have handled designs running off small battery with ultra low power smart electronics to hundreds of voltages of electrical and electronic circuits. Embedded design is our specialty; we enjoy doing it and have great passion for. We have zero overhead; we will do all we can to satisfy your design needs. Feel free to contact us at your convenience in order to discuss your design needs and we will be happy to give you the ride of your dream. We are your good engineering partners.
Product Design
Product Design
Let us Prototype your dream Ideas - we are your good engineering partners
At Prototactic, there is no alternate to success
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Security & ID - Service:
Security & ID
Security & Identification: We install, test, troubleshoot, operate, and maintain security and Identification products including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, Close Caption Television (CCTV) cameras and DVRs, security systems, Access Control, home automation, computer systems, and integration systems. Please contact us for more details about availability and competitive quotes. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Website Design
Website Design - Service:
Website and Webpage design: We design stylish websites with the taste of your choice, attractive look, and great display for your products and services. We do animation, specialized Short and Long movie clips, advertisement banners, stylish buttons and links, logos, and provide excellent service to maintain your website based on the package of your choice. We are experienced in providing descriptive and useful text about your products and services that helps in answering your customerís questions and passing thorough details about what you are offering. We will give you an offer you canít refuse.
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Computer Fix and Repair: Are you having trouble accessing your internet, is your computer going too slow, are you losing your data? Did you lose your access password? Are you having trouble connecting to the network or the internet? Donít worry; we can help you with any computer problem you have. We can even repair your electronics. Please contact us and we will give you free initial consultation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Computer Fix - Service:
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Computer Fix and Repair
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Training - Service:
Technical Training: Do you need help in using your equipment and computers? Are you having trouble starting or operating new equipment or product you recently purchased? Do you need help in assembling, testing, and operating your equipment and electronics? Are your workers lacking behind in electronics education for theory and hands-on? Donít worry, we can help you. We have been there, we have seen it, and we have dealt with it successfully. We can offer training on person-to-person level or discounted-group training, too little or too much all go. We are always at your service. Call us today for prompt service and guaranteed results.
Technical Training